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We-Ryde UTV Polaris Ranger Bumpers

Welcome to Ryde Industries, where we invite you to harness our We-Ryde cargo bumpers to revolutionize the way that you use your UTV. The We-Ryde bumpers are full replacement bumpers for Polaris Ranger UTVs, providing for additional cargo space to hold your tools, equipment and toys safe and securely.


Experience the benefits of our UTV cargo bumpers

Simply put — you’re not going to find a better replacement bumper or similar solution on the market that is more effective in:

  • Enhancing cargo space: UTVs are a necessity for many types of work. However, these vehicles are not necessarily hailed for their roomy cargo space. With our UTV cargo bumpers, you can add significant storage space without making it uncomfortable to ride in.
  • Addressing your specific needs: Not only do our We-Ryde cargo bumpers give you more space to store your tools, equipment and toys, they also provide a long list of accessories that can cater to your specific needs. You can separately purchase accessories like gun racks, fishing pole racks, ammo/tool boxes, winch kits, hitch assemblies and more.
  • Keeping your UTV’s performance intact: When most UTV owners think about replacement bumpers or adding hardware to their vehicles, they are concerned with performance. With the We-Ryde Cargo Bumper, you don’t have to worry about overheating your UTV when lugging around a heavy load and can still tackle steep hills and other terrain without the bumper scraping excessively against the ground. It adds minimal weight and length to your vehicle.

On top of the functional benefits, the We-Ryde Cargo Bumper is a great way to enhance the style of your vehicle. This bumper looks cool and it’s a great way to trick out your UTV and differentiate it from the others.

Our latest bumper model features lights that look cool but also provide 15,000 lumens to illuminate your path. 


Easy to install — well worth your investment

You don’t have to be intimidated by the prospect of installing this replacement bumper on your UTV. We provide all the necessary tutorials and resources to do it on your own. It’s relatively quick and easy and our product is compatible with