Proudly Made in the USA!!


1. How are the bumpers made ?

One at a time, we laser cut the majority of our parts for absolute precision. Made in America, hand crafted in Texas - we stand behind our products.

2. How much does the bumper weigh ?

The bumper system weighs 90 pounds. The factory bumper weighs 26 pounds, so the additional net weight gain to the UTV is 64 pounds. It's like adding heavier passengers to your UTV - it's designed to carry extra weight.

3. What is the best care for the paint on my your bumper and what is the touch up color ?

We recommend any spray auto waxes or spray type "detailer" products. This will add a layer of protection to all of our parts which are powder coated. The touch-up of a flat black, Krylon spray paint is recommended.

4. How much weight can the bumper carry?

We rate it for 150 pounds, we've seen and heard about much more on it.  Extra weight on the front of your rig changes the way it drives so precaution is requred, the bumper will hold plenty of weight. 

5. What attachments can be added ?

We currently have a tool box, fishing pole rack, gun and tool rack, and chainsaw rack. We are working a vise attachment, it should be out soon.

6. Is it hard to install and can someone that is not very mechanical put it on? DIY? 

The bumper itself is very easy to put on. Everything is included in the kit including step-by-step, easy to follow instructions. It does require two people or a lift of some sort. The instructions are printable on our website, if you want to take a look before you purchase.

7. Will it hit the ground when on a steep incline ?

If you are in a situation where the bumper hits the ground, it would not matter if this bumper was on or not, the UTV could not perform that manuver anyway. If it does happen to hit the ground (which we have rarely seen), the skid plate would come into play and assist in pushing the UTV back up. In addition to looking really cool, this is one of the reasons we made a skid plate for the unit. Additionally, it supports the bumper. The skid plate is made out a very heavy high-strength Aluminum.

8. How much longer will it make my UTV ?

The bumper will make your UTV 18" longer.


9. Can I paint the bumper a different color? Do you offer custom colors ?

We can ship you a bumper "bare metal" and you can paint it however you please or we can have it powder coated different colors, we can work with you.


10. What is the maximum tongue weight for the hitch ?

100 pounds, the overall weight rating of the bumper is 150 pounds. If you put something on that has a 100 pound tongue weight, then keep in mind you only have 50 pounds left.

11.When I have a cooler on the bumper will it cause overheating possibilities? I do a lot of low speeds not sure if the electric fan will keep up ?

No, it does not cause overheating. If you look at the radiator, there is room to draw air from many directions. The cooler is 9-10 inches away from the radiator when mounted. We have been many miles with bumpers mounted and coolers attached - in the mountains, in the west Texas 110 degree weather - with no problem with over-heating.

12. Can I use bigger tires with your bumper without a lift ?

At your own risk. We have fit this using the factory tires. We also have used it on a Ranger with a 4" Hi Lifter lift and 28" tires. Does great both ways described. It would not be recommended with over-sized tires and no lift. Hi-Lifter makes a lift kit for $150.00 or so. That would be best.

13. Can I use the winch and receiver hitch at the same time or do I need to remove the winch to use the receiver hitch ?


14. Do you recommend any modifications to my UTV once I add the new bumper. ?

Yes, crank your front shocks up to the stiffest setting.

15. In the pictures it looks like the pan where the cooler is sitting could hold mud and water, is it able to drain ?

Yes, on either side of the bumper we have left a 1/4 gap so that it is easy to wash out mud and muck. We will be posting a video soon to show this in action.

16. Why would I buy this bumper instead of just installing a front receiver hitch and mounting a basket on the front ?

That is definitely an option, here are the draw backs;those things shake and rattle, there is also no way to mount a winch if you put on a receiver hitch, unless you have it custom made. The Ryde Bumper is a hard mounted full replacement to your factory bumper. There is nothing that will shake or rattle. It is also very stout, you can push with it, store on in, as well as having the option to use different tooling. It is also very easy to install a winch to our bumpers.