Proudly Made in the USA!!

About Us

Ryde Industries is based out of Rockwall, Texas with a commitment to manufacturer high quality, space and light-creating accessories for the UTV industry.  The Ryde Cargo and Utility Bumper is a creative bumper systems that allow the end user to take along more of the gear they need when heading out on their UTV.

Ryde Industries built the first Cargo and Utility Bumper 6 years ago for our own use.  It was built because when we took off to work or play for the day, the bed was loaded with things that we needed (tools and supplies, and in our case a seat in the back for other riders), and not enough room for the things that we wanted (cooler, fishing poles etc).   Once built, it proved to be a great tool!  It turned out to be a great work platform, a space for more bags of feed, a great way to push brush down so that the driver does not have limbs in their face or scratching the windshield.  It also kept those limbs out of the grill of our UTV.  Our biggest concern was whether or not it would affect the performance of our UTV, could it still climb a steep hill, or go into a ravine?  It could and it does!  It turns out that the UTV will climb whatever it would climb before with the bumper on; in other words if it can’t climb it with the bumper on it could not have climbed it with the factory bumper either.

Since the bumper system had proven itself to us, we made the decision to see if we could build one that others could enjoy.   We had to ask ourselves, what would this bumper system have to do to be a good option for a UTV user?  Here is what we came up with:

  1.  The bumper would have to be installed using factory mounting points, no drilling or any other modifications would be required.
  2.  We would offer the ability to mount a winch.
  3.  A hitch system would have to be available to insert a receiver hitch to move small trailers or to put a feeder in.
  4. There would have to be a tool exchange system so that different tooling for different applications would be available to the user.  The exchange of these tools had to be very simple and could be done by anyone, regardless of their mechanical skills with minimal tool requirement.
  5. The bumper would have to look good, it would have to have a similar shape as the UTV that it mounted to, and look as factory as possible. 
  6. Our product would have to be strong and durable, heavy duty but not too heavy..
  7. There would have to be a way to wash out the mud and muck that built up in the bumper while in use.
  8. Precision cut and fit, all of the parts would have to be laser cut, and fit to weld up as near perfection as possible.
  9. We wanted these things to be Made in the USA!


After a couple of years of research, development and testing, we created the Ryde Cargo and Utility Bumper that met all of these requirements.  We have sold many of these in our area with great reviews.  We are ready to offer it to the public.  We hope you’ll give one a shot!