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We-Ryde Heavy Duty Bumpers

Welcome to the home of the revolutionary We-Ryde heavy duty bumpers. If you are finding that you don’t have enough cargo space on your UTV — a dilemma that most of us come across at one time or another — then we invite you to explore the great features of our product.

Ryde Industries has carefully developed our We-Ryde cargo bumpers as a way to provide needed cargo space for all types of UTVs. This addition to your vehicle not only provides you with more space, but it also looks great. If you want to have one of the baddest looking toys out there, our We-Ryde heavy duty cargo bumpers are a worthy investment. 


About our product

The We-Ryde heavy duty bumpers are unlike anything else that is currently on the market. The following is a little bit about this product and why it is worth your investment.

  • The bumper is easily installed on the front of your vehicle. We have installation tutorials and resources available to make sure that this job is executed smoothly and efficiently.
  • We-Ryde cargo bumpers provide a large surface area of added storage space. Whether you are looking to haul around your tools of the trade or a cooler on your way out to meet friends, this provides you with the needed space.
  • On top of the added space, the We-Ryde bumper can be equipped with a wide range of accessories — everything from a gun/tool rack and chainsaw holder to a hitch assembly or winch kit.
  • Our product is also durable and can take any type of punishment that the elements dish out. We stand behind this promise by providing our clients with an iron-clad two-year warranty.

Feel free to browse our site for more information about this product and check out the many pictures in our gallery of folks that put our bumper to use every day. Enhance your ride with We-Ryde heavy duty bumpers.