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We-Ryde Front Cargo Utility Bumpers

Welcome to Ryde Industries, where, by installing one of our We-Ryde front cargo bumpers to your UTV, you can transform the way your utility vehicle functions. In addition to the added style (this bumper looks flat out cool) and weight, you will add a piece of equipment that will not only make your life easier, but change the way you work and play.

Stop by one of our authorized dealers, or shop online, and see why the We-Ryde bumper cooler racks are revolutionizing the world of UTVS.


Heavy duty construction

We build every one of our We-Ryde utility bumper racks with the highest-grade steel available. We then prevent it from ever rusting by powder coating every inch of the bumper. This means that, not only will it get the job done, it can be enjoyed for many years to come.


Don’t worry about your UTV overheating while carrying a heavy load

Most aftermarket cargo bumpers will cause the UTV to overheat when fully loaded. This is because they tend to cut off the airflow to the UTV’s cooling system. When we designed our We-Ryde ice chest racks, we ensured that this wouldn’t be a problem.

In fact, once the We-Ryde front cargo bumpers are fully installed, there is a nine- to 10-inch gap between the front of the UTV and the cargo itself. This ensures plenty of air gets to the radiator and prevents overheating.


Enjoy easy maintenance

Though our We-Ryde bumper cooler racks are designed to withstand even the toughest beatings, there is still some care required. However, we’ve made this maintenance work easy.

The cargo hold is easily washable and you can re-seal it using any spray auto wax. Plus, if you do bump against an object that doesn’t want to move, and chip away the paint, Kyrlon spray paint can be used to touch it up without a problem.

No matter what you use your UTV for — either for work or play — our We-Ryde front cargo bumpers will completely change the way you operate. Stop by a dealer, or call us today to see how you can put our bumpers to work.