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Side-By-Side Heavy Duty Bumpers

Bring more space to your UTV by shopping with Ryde Industries and explore our line of innovative side-by-side heavy duty bumpers. The We-Ryde Cargo Bumper is a product unlike anything else available. Whether you use your UTV for work or fun, this bumper will prove to be a welcome addition.


Not enough room in your vehicle? Our side-by-side cargo bumpers can help

UTVs help make many jobs easier, but they’re not known for their spaciousness when it comes to cargo. The We-Ryde Cargo Bumper serves as one of the best side-by-side heavy duty cargo bumpers, providing you with significantly more storage space for your tools and toys.

In addition to the increased storage space in the front of your vehicle, our side-by-side heavy duty bumpers can be outfitted with a variety of accessories, which include:

  • Fishing pole rack
  • Gun and tool rack
  • Ammo/tool box
  • Hitch assembly
  • Chainsaw holder
  • Winch kit
  • And more

As you can see, our side-by-side cargo bumpers enhance the full functionality of your vehicle and lets you comfortably and safely transport your tools and other equipment.


Trick out your UTV with our We-Ryde Cargo Bumper

Aside from the undeniable functionality of the We-Ryde Cargo Bumper, it also looks great. If you are someone that spends a lot of time tricking out their UTV — from lifting it to adding custom features — then this bumper will be a welcome addition to your ride.

The We-Ryde Cargo Bumper is also durable. Your UTV is going to take a beating and you need more than just a flimsy plastic panel protecting your cargo. The team at Ryde Industries stands behind our bumpers, offering a two-year warranty that ensures it holds up over time.

Browse our selection of side-by-side heavy duty bumpers and accessories online right now or contact our team to get a quote or to learn how you can become an authorized dealer.