Proudly Made in the USA!!

Side-By-Side Front Cargo Bumpers

There are no greater side-by-side front cargo bumpers than the ones offered here at Ryde Industries. Specially made to fit the exact year and model of your UTV, our We-Ryde Cargo Bumpers are the greatest addition to your UTV.

To make them even better, they are crafted in such a way that they look just like a factory bumper, removing any installation hardships that other bumpers might provide. Our attention to detail is what makes our side-by-side ice chest racks the best on the market.


Precision made by the Ryde team

We make all of our side-by-side bumper cooler racks one at a time. This allows us to ensure each is made to the specific dimensions to fit the UTV it was ordered for. Also, by laser cutting the majority of the pieces, we ensure that the components are made with absolute precision.

What makes these products even better is that they are 100 percent made in America and hand crafted in Texas. With this in mind, you can buy one of our We-Ryde side-by-side utility bumper racks and know you are supporting an American small business.


Take advantage of its lightweight build

Another distinguishing feature of our side-by-side front cargo bumpers is how reasonably lightweight they are, considering their functionality. Our aftermarket bumpers only add an additional 64 pounds to your side-by-side. This number is calculated considering that our bumpers are 90 pounds and the factory bumper, which is removed, weighs around 26 pounds.


Add minimal length to your UTV

One of the factors you must consider when adding an aftermarket bumper is the additional length it adds. Our side-by-side bumper cooler racks only add an extra 18 inches to your UTV. This means that the effects on maneuverability and loading on the trailer are minimal.

We stand behind our side-by-side front cargo bumpers 100 percent. We’ve developed a product you can depend on to make your job easier and play time more exciting. Visit one of our dealers or call us today and discover how the We-Ryde bumper system is changing the industry.