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Polaris Ranger Heavy Duty Bumpers

Welcome to Ryde Industries, where we have developed one of the most versatile Polaris Ranger heavy duty bumpers currently on the market. 

The Polaris Ranger is one of the pre-eminent UTVs and a wide variety of individuals utilize them on a daily basis — whether for entertainment or to get work done. With Ryde Industries and our Polaris Ranger cargo bumpers, you can make this leading UTV even more functional. Here’s how.

  • The patent pending design of our We-Ryde Cargo Bumper enhances the functionality of the vehicle and surpasses the manufacturer’s bumper that is included on the Polaris Ranger.
  • With our Polaris heavy duty cargo bumpers, you not only equip your UTV with more cargo space, but this is also a heavy duty component that will take a beating and keep trucking.
  • The Polaris Ranger heavy duty bumpers that we offer provide room for additional cargo (i.e. work equipment, coolers, etc.) but also boasts a wench hook-up, extended skid plate and optional accessories for enhanced functionality.

You’re simply not going to find anything else like our Polaris Ranger cargo bumpers out on the market. Our model carries more cargo, can take a lot more punishment and it’s also one of the best looking bumpers you’re going to find. You are able to trick out your UTV while making it highly functional for your purposes at the same time.

Ryde Industries stands behind our products and we offer a two-year warranty on the We-Ryde Cargo Bumper. This can provide you with the peace of mind that you are outfitting your UTV with a lasting solution that will hold up to the punishment you put it through.


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