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Heavy Large Capacity Bumpers From We-Ryde

If you have sizable pieces of equipment you need to take on your next off-roading adventure, the heavy capacity cargo bumpers from We-Ryde are a great option for you. Besides adding to the look of your UTV, these cargo bumpers are an extremely useful replacement for the factory bumpers. By installing these large capacity utility bumpers from We-Ryde, you turn your UTV into a true work horse.

Leverage the power of its high weight limits

These large cargo bumpers from We-Ryde are the perfect addition to any UTV that is used for both work and play. Besides looking great, these bumpers are capable of holding up to 150 pounds on their own. This means that, not only can you load up your UTV itself, but you can also trust the heavy cargo bumpers from We-Ryde to carry their own weight.

Made from high grade materials

Wanting these bumpers to be as useful and successful as possible, we knew that they needed to be made from only the best materials. With that in mind, we decided to construct the heavy capacity cargo bumpers from We-Ryde using a powder coated, rolled steel along with an aluminum skid plate. By using these materials, we ensure that, not only will the bumper withstand any abuse, but it will last for many years to come.

Easy to Install

Providing the option to attach the large capacity utility bumpers from We-Ryde yourself was important — we made these as easy to install as possible. Once you remove the factory bumper from your UTV, our cargo bumper uses the same holes, so no drilling is required. Also, we’ve included the easy-to-follow instructions on our website so you can see how simple it is before you purchase it.

Having used these heavy capacity cargo bumpers from We-Ryde ourselves before bringing them to the market, we know how good they are. If you are ready to take your UTV to the next level, call us to request a quote today. You may also visit one of our dealers and transform your UTV today!