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Heavy Large Capacity Bumpers For UTV

You probably have a lot of reasons for needing one of our heavy capacity cargo bumpers for your UTV. At Ryde Industries, we know your utility terrain vehicle is vital to your successful hunting trip, fishing trip, or even just for getting work done around your farm or property. What these vehicles have in durability, they lack in cargo space. That’s why we’ve designed our state of the art, large capacity utility bumpers for UTVs to help you get the job done. They’re called the We-Ryde Cargo Bumpers.


Catering to the demands of your UTV

We offer products for every job, ranging from basic heavy cargo bumpers for your UTV to bumpers with LED lighting for night work and accessories to simplify your organization and hauling. All of this is simple to install on your UTV with the help of a friend or a lift, and does not require any specialized mechanical knowledge. Our bumper can carry 150 pounds of tools, guns and ammo, or whatever you need to haul.

Our heavy capacity cargo bumpers for UTVs also work as great storage for coolers. You do not have to worry about our bumper causing any overheating or otherwise interfering with the performance of your vehicle. We’ve tested our large cargo bumpers for UTVs in many different terrains and they have always held true.


Easy to wash and maintain

We all know what UTVs are known for — getting dirty and beat up. They survive the tough terrain that other vehicles can’t, and every now and then they make a splash while doing so. That’s why our large capacity utility bumpers for your UTV have a gap on either side, to allow you to wash away any mud or muck that might find its way onto your vehicle.          

If you are looking for a durable and reliable way to transport a variety of cargo and supplies on any sort of terrain, then you are looking for the We-Ryde heavy capacity cargo bumpers for UTVs. Simply put, this bumper is the most secure cargo hold you can add, and the simplest to install. For more information, give us a call at 214-236-8009.