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Heavy Large Capacity Bumpers For Side-By-Side

At Ryde Industries, we don’t just make heavy capacity cargo bumpers for your side-by-side. We also make accessories to help make your cargo hauling even easier. Our accessories are designed to fit the common needs of side-by-side drivers. Some of the most popular accessories that attach to our We-Ryde heavy cargo bumpers for side-by-sides include:

  • The gun or tool rack. This is designed to hold four long guns, two cases of shells and a 45-quart cooler. Don’t need it for guns every day? It can also hold your weed eaters, shovels, rakes and other tools.
  • The fishing pole rack. If you have ever spent time untangling a mess of fishing lines and poles, you know how helpful this attachment can be. It keeps four fishing poles safe and free of entanglement, no matter how long or bumpy the ride might be.
  • The tool or ammo box. Don’t risk having your ammo sliding around and falling out while you’re driving, and don’t risk losing your entire tool box if you hit too big of a bump. Our specially designed tool and ammo box keeps everything safe and organized.

These are just three of our attachments. Every attachment for our We-Ryde large capacity utility bumpers for side-by-sides stays put with our specially designed nylon fasteners. But these are not the only uses for our heavy capacity cargo bumpers for your side-by-side. Our customers have shown us their own unique uses:

  • Hauling deer after a successful hunt
  • Hauling fish after a day at the lake
  • Spreading fertilizer
  • Filling up feeders
  • And more 

Our large capacity utility bumpers for side-by-sides can hold up to 150 pounds. You can check out our photo gallery for more usage ideas, or keep the weight limit in mind and get creative to make your own large cargo bumpers for your side-by-side useful to you.

This investment will save you money in the long run by keeping your cargo safe, and it can make your life easier in dozens of ways. Contact us at 214-236-8009 today for more information on how our heavy capacity cargo bumpers for your side-by-side can work for you.