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Heavy Duty Bumper For UTV

At Ryde Industries, we sold the first of our We-Ryde heavy duty cooler racks for UTVs in 2015. The rest, as they say, is history. Our customer base has steadily grown since then, and our photo gallery shows just some of our many satisfied customers.

Where some people have tried their own, unreliable, DIY version of our bumper cooler racks for UTVs, those who have invested in the real deal have found endless uses for it.

So, what makes our We-Ryde heavy duty cooler racks for UTVs so impressive?

  • They can hold up to 150 pounds
  • They add minimal extra weight to your vehicle
  • They only extend your vehicle by a mere 18 inches
  • Simple to install — no mechanical experience necessary
  • Provides extra cargo space (not just coolers!) without risk of overheating

As you can see, this is more than just a heavy duty ice chest bumper for your UTV. Our replacement bumpers can help you haul tools, firearms, or even your poles and tackle for a day at the lake. This bumper is made even more useful by our variety of accessories and attachments (sold separately), including:

  • A fishing pole rack
  • A gun rack that doubles as a hand tool rack
  • A tackle or ammo box
  • A chainsaw holder
  • And even more

The days of sorting through tangled fishing lines or dropping and damaging your chainsaws will end once you bring one of our bumper cooler racks for UTVs into the picture.

A utility terrain vehicle is meant for just that — varying terrain and heavy-duty jobs. If you can’t bring your supplies with you, your UTV isn’t going to help. Whether you need to pack some drinks to stay cool or some firearms that must be secured, our heavy duty cooler racks for your UTV are the most reliable, durable and sensible cargo solution on the market — and the easiest to install. Our installation videos can show you how simple the process is. Feel free to call us at 214-236-8009 for more information.