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Heavy Duty Bumper For Side-By-Side

Ryde Industries has worked hard to develop and manufacture heavy duty cooler racks for a side-by-side, so that you can bring food and beverages on the go during your next adventure.

Just think about it — UTVs are amazing vehicles and they help to make many lines of work a lot easier. However, they’re not necessarily known for their spacious cargo room. In fact, picture yourself trying to fit a cooler in your vehicle while still accommodating everyone else that has to ride in it.

It’s just not going to happen — at least, not without our We-Ryde bumper cooler racks for a side-by-side. We make it easy to bring along coolers full of food and drink wherever you might be going: 

  • Hunting and fishing trips: Not only can you stow your heavy duty ice chest for a side-by-side on our bumper, but the We-Ryde heavy duty cooler racks for a side-by-side also have optional accessories that include assemblies for your fishing poles and guns in addition an ammo box, tool box and more.
  • On the job site: Whether you’re working hard on the ranch or in another setting, it’s important to stay hydrated and have all the needed accommodations with you right on your UTV.
  • Having fun with friends: You don’t need an excuse to go out on your UTV and have fun with your buddies. Our bumper cooler racks for a side-by-side are a great addition to the party, making sure that a cold drink is always just an arm’s reach away.

The We-Ryde Cargo Bumper is easy to install — it’s durable and it looks great. It will definitely make your UTV stand out from all the others thanks to its carefully designed shape and form.

Our stock of We-Ryde Cargo Bumpers, and the accessories that are available to purchase with it, are all available for you to browse right here online. Or, if you are a dealer and want to offer the best heavy duty cooler racks for a side-by-side, we can show you how to apply.