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Heavy Duty Bumper For Polaris Ranger

Regardless of where you are taking your UTV, nothing makes travel simpler than one of our heavy duty cooler racks for your Polaris Ranger.  

At Ryde Industries, we know you value every square inch of space on your vehicle, and that you want to get the most of it. You can’t just load up a minivan and take it to your favorite fishing spot or your tree stand. You need a UTV to get to the good stuff. Our We-Ryde bumper cooler racks for your Polaris Ranger help you get there with more cargo safely and securely.

You might be wondering how our heavy duty cooler racks for Polaris Rangers work. Simply put, we have designed an innovative and durable way to create more cargo space on your UTV. This is not an attachment that could wobble and shake. Our bumper cooler racks for Polaris Rangers are complete replacement bumpers, designed to stay secure and reliable no matter the terrain you’re riding.

In addition to the replacement bumper itself, we also provide a variety of attachments to get even more haul for your buck. Some of the most popular attachments include:

  • Fishing pole rack
  • Gun or tool rack
  • Chainsaw holder
  • Ammo or tool box 

We also sell a variety of hitch assemblies, winch plates and more to help you get the most cargo space with your heavy duty ice chest rack for your Polaris Ranger.

Some of the DIY websites might have you thinking that you can save money by installing a front receiver hitch and mounting a basket, but that does not save you money in the long run. This solution is weak, wobbly and unreliable. It simply doesn’t match your vehicle’s durability needs.

Our heavy duty cooler racks for the Polaris Ranger are a full replacement bumper, thus becoming a part of your vehicle. Don’t waste your time or money on untrustworthy quick fixes. Invest in the industry’s most durable and long-lasting storage solution today so you can spend the rest of your time enjoying your vehicle, not fixing it.